Evgeniy Vasilevich Romanenko

Doctor of Biology,
Ph.D.in Physics and Maths,


Physics and Mathematics Department of Rostov State University named after Molotov


1954 – Physics teacher of secondary school.
From 1955 until 1971 – Aucoustic Institute. First investigations were begun there, firstly on dolphin sounds, then on their swimming.
From 1971 until present time – Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution of Russian Academy of Sciences (IPEE RAS).

Research interests

Physical acoustics, fish and dolphin acoustics, fish and dolphin hydrodynamics, mathematical modeling of the motion of the wing.

Scientific works

9 patents were got, 160 articles, 10 monographs (two of them were translated into English). 6 Ph.D. were taught.
USSR State Prize Winner;
Honored Science Worker;
Academic Sokolov Prize Winner.